Why become a Member of Club YANA

Club YANA is a club organized outside of A.A. or N.A. and is a non-profit corporation.  Think of it as the PROPERTY.  The "groups" are the various MEETINGS.  Club YANA currently rents space to nineteen different groups, with a total of 36 meetings each week.   
Club YANA also tries to increase its revenue with donations from regular cook-outs, special group events and the annual Golf Tournament. We strive to keep enough prudent reserve for repairs and upkeep.   
Another very important way the Club raises money is for people to become members “of the Club” (of course, you are a member of a group just because you say so).  The cost to join the Club is $10 per month or $100 per year. Members may sit in on Board Meetings and may eventually qualify to become a Board Member. The Board makes all decisions governing the running of the club. Becoming a member helps financially to keep this club open 
for all of us and for all who will come after us.


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